Free or Paid Email Subscribers: Which is Better?



 Just like social media and the clothing industry, there are trends in the online marketing world. It can be easy to hop on a trend thinking it’s “the magic ticket” for business growth.

The thing is: there is no magic ticket. 

We need to be strategic in what strategy we just to use to grow our audience as that is an important part of growing our businesses. 

I have used both types of list growing in my business but I want to give you some insight as to what purpose each type serves.

In the last year we have not run any ads to freebie list growth. It’s happened naturally by people finding me through social media, my ads for paid content, etc. and signing up. We have had hundreds of people find us this way.

Freebie list growth


  • People can sign up with no commitment, just to test the waters and decide if what you do will help them
  • Helps people to get to know you a little more
  • Works well when people are on the go and don’t have their payment info ready


  • It is a small commitment level (only an email address that they can unsubcribe with) so they might not consume the content
  • Brings in people who are just curious on “how you do things” vs your ideal student
  • Most times they only read the first email to get the goody and then leave

In the last year we have run ads to paid content 10 out of the 12 months. This has filled my list with 75% being buyers. This has no doubt changed my business.

We have three paid offers: The Magic Course Map, The Course Mapping Workshop, & The Effective Course Creator

Paid List Growth


  • Fills your list with people who are committed to what you do
  • Brings another level of commitment (even a $37 product!)
  • Makes them consume the info/product because they paid for it
  • Gets rid of the people that are spying/curious about what/how you are doing things


  • More customer service to handle
  • More students to house in your portal

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