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Course Mapping Workshop

Imagine if in just 3 days you could map out an effective online course and be ready to hit record-and publish your course content.

It's possible and I've taught hundreds of students how... 
Join the 3 Day LIVE Course Mapping Workshop for Coaches, Content Creators, and Online Service Providers Ready to Increase Their Revenue with an Effective Online Course

March 5, 6, 7










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Someone has likely told you that you should add a course to your business to increase your revenue...


Makes sense, right?


But you sit down to start creating your course... after all, that's what has been on your to-do list for months or maybe even years... AND you keep getting lost in the details. 🫠


What most people tell you is...

"Throw together a course quickly, launch a webinar, and you will make millions in your sleep."


How is that working for you?


Rather than spending all of your time learning all the marketing strategies what if you were to map out an effective course and THEN market the course that you know will get them RESULTS?

Having a Well Designed Effective Course That Creates Social Proof, Testimonials, and Referrals is Better Than Spending All Your Time Creating Something That Doesn't Sell


A course that isn't mapped out correctly won't be profitable, scalable OR sustainable-- and quite honestly a waste of time. 


Busy coaches, consultants, and service providers don't have time to waste.


I'm not going to lie, it does takes time to create... But when you have a solid course design, you can create it faster and easier while also getting paid at the same time


 Our student, Ida Lee, was able to enroll 20 students launching her course organically.

These results aren't random, we have dozens of student testimonials like these:

What Could Having an Effective  Course Do For You and Your Business?


When you join the workshop, we will spend 3 days together making sure you have everything you need to get results



Here is what you will learn...

The Mindset Shift Needed to Go From Putting Off Creating Your Course to Being Ready to Hit Record and Publish

We are about to remove the barrier and procrastination in one day!

The Profitable Problem Framework for Creating an Effective Course 

These are the secrets to making sure your ideal student wants to click "buy now"!

The secret formula for including the right amount of content in your course.

So that you can include exactly what your students need to get results


And the best part? At the end of the workshop, you will have your signature course mapped out and ready to get paid for your knowledge and create impact!

Can't make it live? Replays will be available!


"...helped me over what felt like a huge mountain, giving me clarity and excitement in my next steps..."

It was incredibly helpful to have Kristin help me with finalizing my modules, answering my questions, and setting up my course which is now all ready to be recorded! She helped me over what felt like a huge mountain, giving me clarity and excitement in my next steps. As we nailed down the modules and submodules, she was so helpful, decisive, brilliant, and fast! I quickly got my course in place, which feels like a huge hurdle she got me over! All we accomplished for my course is now propelling me forward with excitement and clarity!
Karla Weaver; Founder of Lead Them Well

"...helped me see what was important in my course and I was able to leave the rest for another day, or another program..."

I was feeling like all my ideas were crashing into each other and every thread of content led to a different end.  Kristin was incredibly responsive and helped me see what was important in my course and I was able to leave the rest for another day, or another program.  In just one workshop, she helped me simplify by asking really good questions.  I got to own the process and feel successful in coming up with a great plan.  Her calm, insightful coaching made all the difference for me!
Heidi Lewerenz; Founder of The Microseason Method


What's Included?

  • 3 Hours of Live Coaching usually reserved for my Effective Course Creator Students 
  • Detailed and Customized Mapping Blueprint - Use Your Workshop Workbook to Create Action and Map Out Your Course  
  • Guided Private Community - access additional resources, event recordings, brainstorm & connect with other small business owners nationwide, and find an accountability partner throughout your workshop experience  
  • BONUS: List of Our Trusted Favorite Course Creator Tools 

    All for only $27

March 5, 6, 7

11:00 am cst / 12:00 pm est / 9:00 am pst

Replays are available


Learn The Secrets From a Former Teacher How to Create an Effective Online Course That Actually Gets Your Students Results

  • Each Day Takes 45 Minutes or Less

  • It is Hosted in a Private Facebook Group

  • You Will Be Ready to Hit Record and Publish Your Course Content-in just 3 days!


By The End of the Workshop You Will...

  • Have a Course Map With the Exact Right Amount of Content to Get Your Students Results

  • Have a Vision For the Next Steps to Take With Your Course

  • Be Ready to get paid for your knowledge and create impact!



All for only $27...


What Could a Profitable and Effective Course Do For Your Business?



If you are a burnt out online service provider, content creator, or coach and you find yourself taking on more clients just to scale your business, I'd love to see you in the workshop.


I'll help you to turn your experience, and skills into a profitable and effective online course so you can pull back some time and actually get the level of freedom you started your business for in the first place.

online course creation

Hey there! I'm Kristin...

I started my first business 10 years ago as a classroom teacher with a Masters Degree in Education.  After I sold a digital product and coaching program (that I built from the ground up) to 274 people I was intrigued with the idea of teaching and sharing my knowledge to my audience.
I created my first online course by quickly piece 'mealing' a course together like other experts share. I spent WAY too much time making things “look pretty” and not enough on what the students really want--results. With the majority of my time spent on marketing and sales, it's no surprise I wound up with no testimonials or student results to share. 
That was a flop. My biggest fear came true: I spent all of that work creating & launching an online course and no one got results (and very few even finished the course). How was this course going to be sustainable and scalable?
I thought about throwing in the towel until I learned a better way.
Once I implemented the teaching strategies I knew so well from teaching hundreds of students in the classroom, unprompted testimonials started flying in. 
Once I was able to successfully create courses and products that truly got students results, I went on to making 6 figures, enrolling over 1600 students in my online courses and digital products, and collecting unprompted testimonials.
There are many people teaching how to create and sell an online course, but missing the mark on the actual course creation piece.
The truth is whether it's igniting your passion, creating more income for your family, or making a bigger impact on the world it's all going to depend on how effective of a course you create.
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2024 Is YOUR Year,
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This is your chance to learn from a teacher with a Masters Degree and a six-figure course creator with over 1600 students in her digital products and courses- join today, for $27 what do you REALLY have to lose?

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 We've run this workshop multiple times live, and we always get student results--even from those that have never created a course before 

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