Quickly Create a Powerful & Effective Online Course That Actually Gets Your Students Results



The Magic Course Map™ Automatically Creates Your Course Creation Map


The truth is...

Most online business owners try to increase their income and impact by putting all of their ideas into an online course... but it takes hundreds of people to get a couple good testimonials, only a few students actually get results, and ultimately they end up with refund requests. As a course creator they have to be an educator just as much a marketer...



minus teaching their child how to ride a bike, they have never taught anyone before.

You know as well as anyone else...teaching your child to ride a bike is a little different than strategically teaching your life's work into a powerful online course.

AND most course creators are operating with zero educational strategy.

Fortunately for you... I've got you!
Let Me Introduce You To 

The Magic Course Map™

The Magic Course Map™ is a digital tool for online business owners like you who want to focus on creating a powerful, profitable, & effective online course that actually gets their students results and are tired of trying to duct tape everything together while pretending they know what they are doing.


The Magic Course Map™ is ...

An innovative tool that automatically generates your course design plan and focuses on learning design as well as a schedule to stay on track with getting your course created on schedule. This is how you create an effective course and increase your sales.

  • Answer the questions about your target market, the result they are looking for, the steps it takes to get to the final end result, and the learning outcomes they will have 
  • Fill in your Brainstorm Map with the subtopics you want to include in your course
  • Watch your answers become an effective course design that is uniquely designed to get your students results
  • Fill out your goal completion dates & follow your creation schedule  

But that's not all...

Check out these exclusive trainings!

Bonus Training: How to Teach Effectively

This is for you if you have not taught anyone strategically and are looking for the three things you need to nail in order to effectively teach in a way that gets your students results and brings them (and their friends) back for more.

Bonus: How to Make Sure You Are Presenting to the Right Students

This isn't just about who your target market is, where they live, what they eat, and what kind of car they drive... this exclusive training is all about getting the exact results for your students that they are looking for.

Become the envy of all course creators...

I'm on a mission to help online business owners create effective courses because I know your goal isn't to just make millions. You're here to impact and serve people and get them results through your knowledge.


A digital tool that takes all the information in your head and automatically turns it into a list of things you need to do to create a powerful and profitable online course.


  • More social proof & referrals
  • Many testimonials from your course students
  • MORE sales---that's the whole point, right? 

That is all possible for you when you strategically create a powerful online course with the best learning practices and educational strategies.

Not only that...but think about how much TIME this will save you!

I know you've tried everything from Trello boards to walls of post-it notes, and fancy software, BUT all without a strategy. 

You know you have powerful content, great ideas, and something that could change the course of people's lives BUT...


How on earth do you take all of that and design an effective online course without taking months or even years?

There's more to launching a profitable course than hosting a webinar or 5 day challenge


Imagine if you could...

  • Have a strategic course design plan and timeline based on real teaching principles
  • Follow a plan to create your course quickly... saving you months or even years
  • Have less notebooks, notes, sticky notes, and ideas every where in a jumbled mess to having your entire course and to-do list mapped out in one place

The Magic Course Map™


The Magic Course Map™ helps you to create a powerful, profitable, & effective course quickly based off of teaching principles. It's time for you to get your students results (while also saving you time & post-it notes!)

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Join over 1,000 course creators in the magic...



Hey there! I'm Kristin...

I am a course creation specialist & mentor for driven, motivated, and successful entrepreneurs. 

After having ten years of teaching experience, a masters in education, spending seven years of growing a business and almost four years with an online course business, I have seen a large gap in the industry of online courses that promise big results but are not effective.  I am on a mission to transform course creators into powerful educators through best learning practices and educational strategies.

It's time for you to create a course that strategically impacts and serves your audience. It's time for you to create a course that's so effective your students are coming back for more, completing your course, referring you to their friends, and giving you great testimonials!

This is right for you if you are...

  • Ready to create a powerful and profitable online course 
  • No longer willing to tell your audience that you are 'going to' create a course but keep putting it off
  • Ready to increase your income and impact without taking on more 1:1 clients or sacrificing the results of your clients
  • Ready to have a strategic plan to get more results for your students
  • Ready to go all in

This is not right for you if you...

  • Are not ready to take action
  • Are not worried about helping your students get results
  • Are skeptical that no one will pay for your course
  • Don't want to gain more trust from your audience with more testimonials and higher completion rates


Satisfaction Guarantee

I have been in your shoes many times and understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard  and don’t want to waste your money on something that isn’t the right fit!  I am proud of the products I create and always make sure to make them the best. I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategies will be happy with their purchase. That’s why I’m offering a 14-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that you’ll become a millionaire in 14 days, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the Magic Course Map and the time and stress it will save you. If you use The Magic Course Map to plan out your course and listen to the 2 bonus trainings but feel like it is not a magical digital tool, show me your work and I will refund your money within 14 days of your purchase.


Listen, I know how hard it can be to put your life's work into a course when you've never been a teacher. That's why I designed The Magic Course Map, to make it easy for you to automatically plan out your most powerful and effective course--

even if the only thing you have taught was bike riding to your child or tricks to your dog! ;)

Yes! Lock in my special $47 price!