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Why Having a Course Framework is Important


I get it, if you haven’t developed curriculum before it can be hard to picture how to organize all the pieces for your course. Not just the workbooks, the slides, and the videos, but HOW?

There are millions (ok not really) but many coaches who teach you how to create and sell an online course, but what part do they leave out?

The creation piece.

Honestly it’s not their fault. Many of them have never created curriculum before. 

When working with my consulting clients or students inside The Effective Course Creator, one of the things we do first is lay out the framework they are taking their students through.

A framework is much like a curriculum.  In the United States we have standards that each child has to meet in school to make sure the curriculum is on track.This is much like your framework in your online course.  A framework is usually 3-5 pieces and is the thing you take your students through to get them results.

Having a framework helps:

  1. You have a direction:to know when and how your students will get results. 
  2. Your students to see the long game – or the bigger picture.
  3. You as an expert in your marketing
  4. Keep your social media, blogs, podcast, etc content congruent with your course and your students

 Listen in to the whole episode to hear how you can implement a course framework in your course. 

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