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 Create + Launch an Effective & Transformational Online Course

 That actually gets your students results.

With The Effective Course Creator‚ĄĘ
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The truth is...

You know you want to bring in more revenue by creating an online course.


Not just any course...

A course with impact.

A course that is transformational.

A course that gets your students results.


Maybe you're stuck between the piles of notebooks, post-it notes, ideas, and "indecision fatigue".


Should you record with slides? Without slides? Include workbooks? Tutorials? Use a script?


There are so many decisions to make.


There might even be that little voice inside your head that’s saying you don't have what it takes (aka, imposter syndrome)


Deep down you are afraid to go through all of the work of creating & launching an online course and actually have no one buy... or worse yet... no one is getting results! 

Because you care about your students and giving them what they signed up for.

You’re not someone who is just here to make millions… you're someone with a huge desire to help more people so you can live the life you want

AND make a real difference in the world.. 

I get it... me too!

What If You Were...

ūü§Ē¬†Impacting hundreds of people across the world¬†with the knowledge you have about real estate, home organization, meal planning, running half marathons, cleaning your house, finding your soulmate, creating an online cooking show, homeschooling your children, or working with children with dyslexia to name a few...

ūü§Ē¬†Creating something transformational and effective once and then delivering it again and again¬†

ūü§Ē Making sales--even when you are sleeping or on a bike ride with your kiddos!¬†

Whether it's igniting your passion, creating more income for your family, or making a bigger impact on the world...


it's all going to depend on how effective of a course you create.

The Formula is Simple...

Imagine if you had...


ūüĎČA program¬†filled with the people you love to work with


ūüĎČ The teaching strategies needed to give your students real results


ūüĎČ A meaningful course that provides a transformation so great, your students become your biggest marketing asset


This IS entirely possible!




What Makes the Effective Course Creator Different Than Other Programs? 


The Effective Course Creator is a complete system for coaches, consultants, service providers to develop, design, launch, & deliver a course that actually gets your students results.

We'll walk you through the whole process from idea and market research all the way through selling and delivering your effective and transformational course to students. 


The best part? It's powered by proven instructional design and teaching strategies!


ECC is powered by proven market research strategies to always give your audience the right results. We teach the biggest secrets to setting up a course that people are looking for AND get the right results from. In ECC we make decisions on all the things name, pricing, and length based on your students + the results they are looking for--that's what it's truly about.


Once you have nailed down your profitable problem and perfect person as well as all the little details of your course, we will teach you proven instructional design and adult learning theories. And because not every one of your students is going to be motivated to show up 100% of the time, we show you the built-in strategies to help you increase the engagement in your course and help your students to actually complete your course.


Once we have your audience nailed down and the design of your course mapped out, we'll show you the right systems to deliver your course content for adult learners AND how to launch your course to make sales and meet your revenue goals. We teach how to choose the best launch mechanism for your audience and your lifestyle.


ECC is powered by a solid sales strategy that compliments your course. Most course creators will measure the success of their course by the number of sales they make, BUT just because they are a great marketer doesn't mean their course is effective and ultimately sustainable OR scalable. ECC will teach you how to create an effective online course so you can create it once and sell it again and again while receiving testimonials and social proof.

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Hey! I'm Kristin...

In the past 9 years I have transformed from a teacher to a six figure online course creator. After enrolling over 1700 students in my courses and digital products I have used my 10 years of teaching experience and Masters in Education to specialize in helping established coaches, content creators, or service providers to get their time back without sacrificing the results their clients get--by creating an online course.
But it wasn't always that way...
The beginning of my business journey started in consulting and coaching--living on zoom calls--while trying to keep my kids quiet in the other room. I would stay up super late to do all of the back end things in my business (like marketing and sales). 
The idea of taking on more clients to increase my income was not possible... I quickly realized I didn't have the level of freedom I started a business for.
That is when I dove in deep to finding a way to scale a sustainable business. It wasn't an overnight success, but to make a long story short my teaching and business experience clashed into a beautiful scene as an Effective Course Creator. 
And I finally got the level of freedom I started my business for in the first place. 
Once I was able to successfully create courses and products that truly got students results, I went on to making 6 figures, enrolling over 1700 students in my online courses and digital products, and collecting unprompted testimonials. My life and business looks drastically different now.
If you are ready to increase your income and your impact without sacrificing the results your clients get while also getting your time back, you're in the right place.
My mission is to help business owners create and sell a sustainable, scalable, and transformational online course with best learning practices and educational strategies so their students get results and they can make more money. Here at The Effective Course Creator, we are changing the online course industry and we are inviting you to join us!
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Maybe this sounds familiar... 

  • You‚Äôve been sitting on a course for what-feels-like a million years, but are getting buried under piles of notebooks, plans, & Trello Boards-because you know there‚Äôs a difference between an effective course and one that just sits on someone‚Äôs google drive shelf
  • You‚Äôre a smart marketer, but teacher?-You didn‚Äôt sign up to become a teacher when you started a business
  • You‚Äôre stuck between imposter syndrome & the "Am I really qualified to teach this?" mindset trap--because quite honestly you don‚Äôt know how to get people results with a course
  • You believe anyone can create a course--but not everyone can create something that is transformational and you‚Äôre afraid that might be you
  • You‚Äôve taken several courses from smart business people--but didn‚Äôt learn a thing.. And you are afraid the same thing will happen to your students
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Perhaps you have stumbled on the mistakes OTHER ineffective course creators make… 

  • Creating courses with a ‚Äúlack of flow‚ÄĚ & more confusion than transformation
  • Spending way too much time making everything ‚Äúlook pretty‚ÄĚ & ignoring what students really want‚ÄĒRESULTS¬†
  • Using boring, ‚Äútalking head‚ÄĚ videos that make people tune out (and drop out!)‚ÄĒespecially visual & kinesthetic learners¬†
  • Quickly piece-mealing a course, webinar & 5-day challenge together, only to wind up spending 75% of the time on marketing/sales WITHOUT true testimonials or student results to share

The Truth About Online Course Creation

Many people are overconfident in their ability to teach someone their knowledge. Without having the knowledge and application of teaching strategies, your students won’t complete your course or get results.

If you are unsure how to teach effectively or your head is spinning with all the “to-dos” of course creation, this program will fix that for you!


When you join ECC, you will have immediate access to:


5 Core Effective Course Creator Training Modules


Live Group Coaching for feedback, tech support, & success strategies over zoom


Personalized Support in a Private Group

As well as these bonuses:


Private Kick off call with Kristin


Weekly Accountability Sent to Your Inbox


A Clear Roadmap & Checklist


Guest Expert Trainings (facebook ads, productivity, email list building, legality, YouTube strategy, and building strong systems)


Course Launch Processes


Personalized Weekly Audits


Sales Page Template


Launch Email Templates


Tech Tutorials


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Think About It. 3 Months From Now, You Could Have…

ūüėĄ¬†The perfect people in your course--the ones that you can help, impact, and serve with your expertise and knowledge.

ūüėĄ¬†Authentic, voluntary testimonials from ‚Äúhappy campers‚ÄĚ on your website

ūüėĄ¬†Students not just loving your course, but actually FINISHING it

ūüėĄ¬†Compliments on what you‚Äôre teaching & the breakthroughs your knowledge brings

ūüėĄ¬†Students singing your praises & sharing your sales page on Instagram or Facebook EVERY time you launch

ūü•≥¬†ūü•≥¬†ūü•≥¬†Made $10,000 by sharing your knowledge and expertise

I figured out how to make money using my knowledge and expertise with over 1,700 students. 

That’s when my life and business changed forever.  

And I want the same thing for you!

What Does it Mean to be an Effective Course Creator?

"helped me to sell OVER 24 spots in my Mama-tography class!"

Brittney E Photography, Photographer

To say I'm a happy client of Kristin's is an understatement. She has been BEYOND helpful, uplifting and encouraging. She has been a big inspiration to be for awhile now. I just want to simply TEACH, be a helping hand to other photographers. Kristin coached me with my first class. I was limited on money and skill. I was so nervous. I knew my class had/has a lot of value in it. ALOT! But I was nervous to sell it for what I KNEW it was worth...even as a beta class. Kristin encouraged me AND I HAVE SOLD OVER 24 spots in my Mama-tography class which is all about the basics of manual mode etc. OVER 24 spots in my beta testing!!!! My goal was 5!!!!! In the beginning she made sure I had a clear understanding of my niche and where I saw myself going with this. I NEVER worked with a coach before...I didn't even know what a coach would do. 

"I really don't know another resource like Kristin--who knows how to teach"

Cynthia Samanian, Culinary Creator

It was so powerful to be able to tap into Kristin's insights and expertise, AND with someone who actually knows how to teach! She really is onto something and there's no doubt she's changing the course creation industry. I really don't know another resource like her--especially someone who knows online courses, marketing, & how to teach. I'm really excited for the changes and things we made to my course. 

"It would have taken me a long time via trial and error to learn about the tools and tricks I learned in just a few weeks..."

Ida Lee Henderson; School of Production Accounting

I am so glad I decided to join the Effective Course Creator program.¬†I have completed and presented one on-line course.¬†I did that one on my own and got advice from watching YouTube videos. It took me a year to create. I knew there had to be a better way. I found that ‚Äúbetter way‚ÄĚ in the Effective Course Creator program with Kristin Maahs.¬† She taught me a quicker and more effective way to create, collect and organize my course materials.¬† I enrolled 17 students in my first course launch!

"...helped me over what felt like a huge mountain, giving me clarity and excitement in my next steps..."

Karla Weaver; Homeschool Coach

It was incredibly helpful to have Kristin help me with finalizing my modules, answering my questions, and setting up my course which is now all ready to be recorded! She helped me over what felt like a huge mountain, giving me clarity and excitement in my next steps. As we nailed down the modules and submodules, she was so helpful, decisive, brilliant, and fast! I quickly got my course in place, which feels like a huge hurdle she got me over! All we accomplished for my course is now propelling me forward with excitement and clarity!

Who is the Effective Course Creator™ For?

ECC is perfect for you if:

  • You are an established small business owner with paying clients and you want to take your business to the next level with more money and impact.¬†
  • You¬†have a course topic and you know it will be amazing if you just knew how to teach the material.
  • You want to impact and serve your students by bringing your knowledge and expertise to them.
  • You are deeply committed to getting your students the best results possible.

ECC is not the right fit for you if:

  • You are¬†not a true ‚Äúaction taker‚ÄĚ who‚Äôs coachable and willing to put in the work and time to develop a truly transformational course
  • The thought of creating a course and passive income sounds great, but you have ZERO ideas for a course topic
  • You are unable to invest in yourself, business, software, and your success
  • You have shiney object syndrome and are just looking for the magical thing that will make you a millionaire

Commonly Asked Questions

You don’t need years of teaching experience to learn how to teach effectively and give your students the results they want. I'll show you how, step-by-step! 

Let me give you the tools you need, so you can share your expertise with others, make a real difference in the world, and get PAID to do it.

Because once that happens, your business and life will change forever!

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