Hey there! I’m Kristin.

I didn't plan on owning a business. 

I didn't plan on climbing the teacher certification, degree, and salary schedule... and then wanting to duck out.

My plan was to be a rock star teacher, get a masters degree, and climb the salary schedule.  The thing is, I didn't realize how hard it would be to juggle a family on top of it all.

I wanted to be a mom more than anything in the world...

but when I became one, I unknowingly suffered from post-partum anxiety. After each child (three to be exact) it got worse. It got to the point that I didn't even recognize myself.

I desperately needed a change.


Now this isn't an over-night success story...

but don't be fooled-there isn't such a thing!


In 2014 I stumbled on the idea of owning a business from home. I was intrigued, but I didn't think it was possible for me.

After all, I was just a first grade teacher, mom, wife, and small-town girl with Really Big Dreams...

I wanted to have the freedom to be there for my three children to attend their field trips, bring them to library story hour, and go out to coffee with my friends during the day.

I dreamed of a mom-guilt free business that let me be the professional and present mom that I always wanted to be.

I dreamed of the legacy I would leave behind for my children and their children as they witnessed how hard I worked to build a business that impacted thousands. 

The thing is... 

If you want your children to go after their dreams, you have to first show them how by going after your own.


I had no idea where to start...

nor did I think it was possible for me. I started with selling skincare and gained success rather quickly (replacing my teaching income when my third baby was born) but it eventually plateaued. I did what any good student would do and started learning.

I did something that changed the trajectory of my family's life and business. I invested in my first online course.  Although the content of the course was great, all I could think about was how amazing it was that someone could get paid to design and teach something he knew, something he was passionate about, and a way he could help and serve many people all at the same time. 

I started coaching dozens of other women in business about showing up online and creating content that attracted people to you without the icky sales feeling. I eventually maxed out my time as a work at home mom and my client load was getting heavy...not to mention I started to see a pattern in my coaching.

I couldn't stop thinking about how that course creator was able to maximize his time by teaching hundreds at the same time. He created a course and sold it over and over again. It just made sense! I took my coaching programs and turned them into online courses. I created courses about having an attractive social media brand, gaining clarity, and sharing your story to connect with others over social media and ultimately make sales.

I am sure you can guess what happened next... I fell in love with online course creation. Although it was a little different than having 23 sets of tiny eyeballs staring at you, it was a perfect marriage between my experience as a teacher with a masters degree AND a business owner. It was the perfect way for me to use my gift of designing instruction that met the needs of diverse learners and the knowledge I gained from the 1,345,000 courses I took (ok.. that was a bit of an exaggeration.. but it's been a lot!)

After enrolling over 300 students in my online courses...

It took me a long time to trust myself and a lot of supportive and amazing people...I finally got out of my own way and started teaching others how to design courses that make the biggest impact and also the biggest income. Seeing payment notifications in my email inbox hasn't gotten old.  

I guess you could say I have cracked the code!


It takes a level of perseverancedetermination, and a whole new level of getting-out-of-your-own-way but I fully believe this is possible for you, too.
Yes, I'm talking to you.

Since I started in business I added a third child, a ton more laundry, and watched my mom (and best friend) die from cancer.  I get how valuable your time is but I also know none of us are promised tomorrow. Waiting to take big action is going to get you no where.

I know from personal experience that growing a business and having big dreams isn't the norm. I also know it takes specific strategies and help to make it happen.