Hey there! I'm Kristin

I am on a mission to transform online entrepreneurs into powerful & effective course creators that actually get their students results.

This is my story...

At the age of 4 my mom walked in the room and saw me gathered around the piano teaching stuffed animals and I told her I wanted to be a teacher some day.

After spending 10 years teaching, earning 4 teaching certifications and a masters degree I didn't plan on doing anything else. But the other thing I wanted more than anything in the world was to be a present mom.

I had already been bit by the entrepreneurship bug when my third baby was born. When that baby boy was diagnosed with a rare infant migraine disorder at 3 weeks old I took a year leave of absence and spent the time learning about online entrepreneurship through books, podcasts, and online courses.

Through the journey of learning it all, the 1,345,000 courses I took (ok.. that was a bit of an exaggeration.. but it was a lot!), and selling 6 different courses with over 800 students...

I noticed a big gap with online course creators...


There's a large gap in the online course industry with courses that promise big results but are not effective at teaching the results promised.

What most people do is teach you how to sell. Sell a digital course, sell a membership, sell an info product.

But what they leave out is the actual teaching part: how to teach in a way that people actually learn. After all that's how people get results. (That's the whole point, right?!)

Most online business owners try to increase their income and impact by putting all of their ideas into an online course but as a course creator they have to be an educator just as much as a marketer and they are operating with zero educational strategy.

There's more to being a successful online course creator than pretty PDF's and graphics, hosting a 5 day bootcamp, webinar, masterclasses, and workshops.

When you become an effective course creator based off of real teaching principles, you are going to get: more testimonials, higher completion rates, and lower refund requests. Not only that but your students are going to get bigger and better results AND will tell their friends about you.  This is the secret to becoming an effective course creator and getting more sales.

The more results you have, the more social proof you have, the more you're going to be able to sell.

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I am on a mission to transform course creators into powerful educators through best learning practices and educational strategies with only the secrets an experienced teacher knows.

That's me. ;)