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Why Would Someone Pay You For a Course When They Can Get Info For Free?


This is something that people ask all the time!

Why would someone want to pay for your course when they can get info for free?

Today we’re going to highlight three reasons. 

  • People want to learn from someone who has gone before them. Who doesn't want to know the insider secrets of someone else's success?
  • People want to learn quickly. If you’re looking for information you grab your phone and hit google right?  (Or at least that’s what I do.) We are living in a world of fast information. Everything is right at our finger tips.
  • People want to know the exact steps. On the idea of grabbing your phone… when you google something and you start reading an answer how often do you get distracted by something else?  Before you know it you’re so confused.  You’ve got too much information, you have shiney object syndrome, and you just wanted to know the steps.

How often do you go to look for something on Pinterest and you forget what you were even looking for? (Or maybe that's just me!) Before you know it you have 50 recipes pinned but no meals planned?

Listen in to the podcast to hear why people would want to pay YOU for YOUR course!

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