What is Holding You Back From Creating Your Dream?

One of the newest members in the Dream Builder Teacher Society asked me a really important question:
How do you get over the idea that other people or coworkers are watching you?

Often times we think people are watching what we are doing, judging us, and passing judgement. Until someone compliments us on what we're doing or what we've chosen to do, it's really hard to get past that. 

Truthfully, it's all about your limiting beliefs. 

So many times when we think someone is saying something about us, it actually is not really true.

It is our own limiting beliefs that are coming up. They are telling us we're not able to do it.

Maybe it's a past experience that makes you feel that way. 

Maybe you have a limiting belief, thinking, “I am only a teacher. That's all I can do. That's all I'm good at.” But is that necessarily true? 

I want you to pay attention to all the thoughts you have in your head throughout the day. The majority of our thoughts in our heads are generally negative. The secret is to transform those thoughts.

Listen in to this episode to hear what you can do to stop those limiting beliefs from coming up and ruining your success.

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