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Five Types of Online Courses a Teacher Can Create & Sell

Did you know by 2024 the e-learning industry is expected to exceed $406 billion? The opportunities online are endless and who better to create and teach an online course than a teacher?!

In this episode we are chatting about the five types of online courses a teacher can create.  You'll hear about courses that are education based and also courses that are interest based.

Do you have an expertise outside of the classroom that you are passionate about?  Why not create an online course?

Do people come to you asking you to teach them something you are really good at? Why not create an online course?

First Ask Yourself These Questions:

  1. Do your friends, colleagues, or student’s parents ask you for help in specific things that make you an expert in an area?

  2. Have you solved a problem in your life or career that you think others are looking for a solution for?

  3. Are you an expert in something outside of the classroom that others ask you for help in?

  4. What is a problem you can solve that someone would pay you to solve?

After I share with you these five types of courses, make a list of the top three that excite you the most. Then start asking your friends, coworkers, and family what they want you to teach them!


These courses usually require you to coach someone in a specific area. In The Dream Builder Teacher Society I coach teachers to create and sell online courses.

Other examples:

Decluttering your house

Helping parents with their children's behavior

Teaching your child to read at home


These courses are usually a short one hour video course on one specific topic. Some teachers choose to create several masterclasses around their topic.


Working with students in an all inclusion classroom

Using reading strategies in secondary classrooms

Working with students of the deaf and hard of hearing

Strategies for parents to use at home

How to organize your home

How to meal plan


These courses are usually created and sold to teachers. They can be short courses or longer more in depth courses.


Working with students in an all inclusion classroom

Working with students of the deaf and hard of hearing

Strategies for creating your own resources

Classroom management

Teaching specific strategies for math, reading, etc.


These courses are shorter and require less time and effort to create. They are a great way to test if it is a topic of interest to others.

Mini courses are 2 hours or less of content.

You can create mini courses around:

Home management

Classroom management

Reading strategies

Healthy Lifestyle


Memberships are usually created around one topic. The best memberships have evolving and new content every month.

The structure depends on your niche. It's a great way to be able to serve your audience in a big way with a smaller price point.

Here are some real life examples:

Running coaching membership

A membership for art teachers

A membership for reading teachers

Home organization membership

Monthly meal planning membership

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