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Three Ways to Avoid Imposter Syndrome


The unfortunate reality for most entrepreneurs is having to deal with the feeling of imposter syndrome. Very few entrepreneurs of any kind have not experienced it at some point. 

In this episode I share with you three ways to avoid imposter syndrome. 

 1. Less consuming and more implementing

Many times the imposter syndrome comes from consuming too much information. What starts out as learning new strategies and techniques ends up becoming a game of comparison. We see what others are doing, how big their followers are, etc. and we start to feel like we're not enough. 

2. Think of the person you want to help and serve

There are people out there who are waiting for you to show up. They are waiting for your knowledge and your expertise to help them. If you hold back they'll never get to experience your greatness! 

3. Be grateful for the small wins

The smallest wins lead up to the big wins. No one was a success over night. No one. No one had over 10K followers over night. No one had a 6 figure business over night. No one. 

Listen in to the full episode to hear tips and strategies for avoiding imposter syndrome.


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