The Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting My Online Course Business


The Things I Wish I'd Known Before Starting an Online Business

1. You don’t have to invest millions to be successful. I’ve gotten more value out of the smaller things.

2. Just because someone looks successful doesn’t mean they are. Followers, likes, etc. mean nothing.  Consistently showing up is everything.

3. You don’t need alllll the strategies: pinterest, youtube, instagram, etc. Just because you see someone else doing it doesn’t mean it is the right strategy for you.

4. Hire a coach who is in the trenches---the online world changes really fast and hiring someone to tell you about the things they did a year ago to build their business is too long ago.

5. Mindset is 90% of the battle---spend the time sharpening it.

6. It’s a marathon not a sprint---when people say they made 6 figures in a month they don’t tell you about the other businesses they tried or the other things they did for 2 years first.  

7. Don’t be afraid to pivot---when something doesn’t feel right, pivot.  Trust your intuition.

8. Pick a niche, commit to it for a year, and then re-evaluate.

9.  Being known for ONE thing is key. Think of the people you admire.. Why do you admire them?

10. Your first idea might not be your winner, BUT it will bring you to the winner.

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