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The Biggest Reason Why You Won't Start an Online Business



Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to have an endless supply of confidence and succeed at everything they do? You know what that is? They’ve made it a point to challenge those innate beliefs that limit what they can achieve.

I’ve watched hundreds of teachers who’ve wanted to become online course creators but haven’t pursued it because they believe they aren’t qualified. The first step to overcoming those beliefs is identifying them.


Limiting beliefs:

  1. Imposter syndrome

This is the MOST common limiting belief and the one that seems to invade people at all levels. You are not an imposter and you are capable. When it comes to online course building, I’m not saying that credentials aren’t helpful, but they are often not necessary. It’s important to remember that every single person will always be learning and growing. As will your business and you as the owner.

The only way to challenge imposter syndrome is by taking action.  Focus on your WHY instead of your actual feelings. ie. feel the fear and do it anyway.

Who must you stop being so that you can become the person that you want to be?

What is something you have that you could help someone with?


  1. It’s Impossible

I get it. I grew up in a family that weren't entrepreneurs. Granted my dad always said the best way to make money is to go into business for yourself but it wasn't necessarily encouraged or modeled. 

When you keep focusing on the belief that you'll be constantly looking for proof that it's not possible. If that’s what you're looking for, impossibility that’s what you'll find!

To begin changing your mindset, think of a time when you overcame something. Write it down. Maybe you got into the college you were hoping for, got the job you were wanting, etc. Did you have proof that it was possible?  You have to believe something is possible before you can actually make it happen. 


  1. There’s not enough money in online course creation. 

This comes from the beliefs patterns you were taught when you were young: money doesn't grow on trees, you have to work hard to have money, the only way to secure money is a salary. 

When is the last time as a teacher you thought you were going to make a ton of money?

This belief is deep, sensitive, and hard to overcome.  It takes reprogramming your mind. Explore how successful people think about money. Observe. Start taking on some of their beliefs. Read books. 

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