From Teacher to Online Entrepreneur: My Story


Welcome to episode 1. In this episode I share my story with you so you can see how I landed here…on this screen, in your ear, and in the online space. I worked my tail off to be a teacher graduating in 4.5 years and landing a kindergarten teaching job before I even graduated.

Two years later I had my first child while I was completing a masters degree and another teacher certification. Truthfully I thought I was going to climb the salary schedule and thought I would be a rockstar teacher with more certifications.

But…there were 2 things I ever wanted to be in life: a teacher AND a mom. As soon as my son was born I knew it was going to be tough for me to juggle being the type of teacher and mom I wanted to be. I wanted to be both a present mom and a professional mom.

I knew I had a desire for an easier lifestyle but I didn’t know how to even go about it. I switched schools and grade levels thinking it would make things easier and better. However I was still juggling it all.

I would rush through my day, rush to pick them up from daycare, rush through supper, bath time, reading a book, rush to bed, and then…I would haul out my teacher bag or I would drive back to school to work. I felt like I was swimming up stream. I couldn’t catch ground.

When my son started school, I wasn’t able to be there for the first day of school, pumpkins with parents day, and almost missed his preschool graduation.

I started in the network marketing space. I had a dream and a desire and I wasn’t stopping. I knew I had to work hard if I wanted to meet my goal.

My third baby was born and 8 weeks later was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. That was the moment when I heard God whisper, “Now is your time.” I took a year off of teaching. That year was far from glamorous. I continued to work hard. My network marketing had matched my teaching salary but it had plateaued and even slid down a bit. I was worried I would have to return back to the classroom.

I dove into online marketing and taught myself everything. It’s now been four years since I’ve been in the classroom. I now work work from home. I get to be the volunteer, the chaperone, I get to get them on and off the bus, drop off at preschool, and work 15-20 hours per week.

There was a calling placed on my heart to build my dream, but there was an even BIGGER calling placed on my heart to help other teacher moms to do the same.

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