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From Teacher to Education Consultant: An Interview


We talk a lot about teachers turned business owners on the She’s Building a Dream Podcast. There are many different online businesses teachers can create. If you’re wondering what kind of business you can start, I would encourage you to listen in to episode 8 of the podcast as my friend Lily Jones shares her journey from teacher to online business owner.

Lily is an education consultant and founder of As a kindergarten and first grade teacher, Lily started doing curriculum development on the side. When her daughter was born in 2012, Lily left the classroom to build her education consulting business and spend time with her family. She has since founded a successful Kickstarter-funded business, Curiosity Pack, where she creates educational activity sets for kids, all while quadrupling her teaching income as an education consultant and spending the majority of her time with her two small children.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Lily started her business and why

  • Lily’s journey from teacher to business owner

  • What makes teachers good business owners

I can’t wait for you to hear Lily’s journey!


Find Out About Lily's Curiosity Packs here

Find Lily's Facebook Page Here


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