how to sell your first online course

How to Build an Audience Quickly To Sell Your First Online Course

Have you ever wondered how you can sell an online course quickly if you don't have an audience?

Let me let you in on a little secret: you do not need a large audience to launch a course.  Launching your course will actually build your audience.

I recommend starting with a paid Beta/Pilot/Founding members program.  This creates momentum quickly, validates your idea, and gets you testimonials!  Getting paid before you create the course adds a whole new level of momentum for your mindset and confidence.

My client Julie launched her beta decluttering course to 8 women...with zero paid advertising and without having the course created yet. She had a website, facebook group and a PayPal buy button. She built her audience up to over 100 in a matter of a month or two. So incredible!

Here are 4 Steps to Take to Sell Your First Online Course

1. Start building an audience... I choose instagram or facebook groups.. I prefer facebook groups. It helps to bring like-minded people together.  In the group, give them value, teach them little things, ask questions, answer questions, create engagement posts, and keep a google doc of all the little phrases someone says (you'll want to use these phrases in your marketing messaging). 

2. You'll want to serve them with something: a 3 day or 5 day challenge, a small free mini course with one little part of your niche, etc.

3. Create a one page sales page to show them what you’ll be teaching them in the challenge/mini course

4. At the end, announce you have a brand new program and you’re looking for beta testers. You will give them a great deal in exchange for testimonials. (I recommend taking 50% off of the price of your course.)

Listen in to the podcast to hear why this strategy works so well!

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