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Network Marketing is Not the Only Business Model for Teachers


Many teachers looking for a way to add more income for their family turn to mlms/network marketing/direct selling.

It becomes the first time they were actually able to dream.  They see others having success, living their dream, and doing big things.

For the first time in a long time they feel like they are able to dream.

It’s a great place to start, but it’s hard to make consistent, sustainable, recurring revenue quickly.  (This is why you see many top network marketers selling online courses.)  

Now this is NOT a podcast where I am going to bash network marketing because that’s where I started too.  However now that I’m on the other side I have learned a few things.

You might be someone who has joined a network marketing company because the products are amazing or you saw someone else have great success and you’ve been chasing that too.

Maybe you’re making thousands per month or maybe barely even hitting a hundred dollars.

Maybe you’re sending messages that feel icky to you but you are doing it for your dream.

But… what else could you do? 

Tune into this podcast as I give you an idea of something else you can do that doesn't involve network marketing.

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