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Three Tips to Make Your Online Course Irresistible




Today on the podcast we are talking about how to make your course irresistible to your audience. In other words, we want to make sure your course is something that people not only need but WANT!

Tune in to hear the top three tips for making your course irresistible.

1.Make sure you are solving a problem for a specific person.

Who is your offer for?

What problem is your course solving? What is the obvious problem? What is the hidden problem?

What benefits does it have?

2. Make sure you have done enough market research.

Find 3 people who are doing something similar in your niche. What are they doing that you could do as well? What are their strengths? Weaknesses?

3. Get Yourself into a Blue Ocean

A few years ago anyone could be a business coach, a health coach, a home organization coach... times have changed! Being in a saturated market is like being in a red ocean as a shark. When you have a specified niche you are in a blue ocean.


Listen in to the podcast to hear more about how you can make your course irresistible! 

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