How to Charge Money For Your Course Without Guilt


Lets face it. You didn’t become a teacher for the money. You became a teacher to impact and make a difference in the lives of others and I’m sure you have.

What if you could get paid for your knowledge and reach an even BIGGER audience?

When first starting an online course business you might be asking yourself: “Who would pay ME for that?” Many of my clients will under charge because they are afraid to accept money for their services.

Here is the thing…

When people get things for free or little to no effort, they do not take them seriously.

It’s just a fact.

Charging money for a course is a gift for your customers. It’s an exchange of an agreement. When you accept money for a course, you give your customers accountability.

Are you avoiding creating and selling an online course about something you’re passionate about because you feel guilty?  How does that serve? How does that grow your dream? How does that grow your business?

Making money doesn’t mean that you want to go out and buy a Ferrari or spend it all foolishly. The more money you make, the more you can help people. 

Money allows you to:

  • Grow a team

  • Increase the quality of the things you do

  • Impact more people

There is an exchange of energy when there is an exchange of money.

If you are playing small by not charging you’re keeping your services away from people who desperately need your help. 

They deserve your help. People will buy your course for the transformation they are looking for.

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