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How Can You Save Time When Building a Business?


When it comes to creating a business so many people say time is an issue. After all don’t we all wish we had more time in the day?

I certainly do! 

I’ve had seasons in my business where I have only had 5 hours a week to work and I’ve had seasons with 15 hours.

Today on the podcast I'll share with you some tips and strategies to make sure that you are saving time in your business and spending your time where you should--after all most people start a business for time freedom.

If you are still in the classroom and also trying to build your business it can be so hard to know how to fit it all in.

It won’t be that way forever! So much of building a business is doing what others won’t do so in the future you’ll be able to live like others can’t.

In this episode I'll share some tips and strategies with you around:

  • Where you are spending your time
  • How you can get more time back to work in your business
  • The biggest secret to being productive--no matter how much time you have to work
  • How to keep a balance between creating and consuming content
  • One thing you need to do now--even if you aren't ready

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