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Are You Wasting Time Trying to Find Your Niche?


I wasted SO much time trying to find my niche. So much time.

I did the quizzes, I did the worksheets, I did the courses, and I STILL couldn't nail it down.

Most of my clients come to me with the SAME problem. They waste months or maybe even years trying to figure this out OR they don't take action because they haven’t figured it out. 

I believe there's three ways to figure this out:

  • LISTENING to people.
  • TALKING to people.
  • taking ACTION

Listen to what people are asking you about.

Are they saying: 

“How do you stay so organized?”

“How do you stay so fit?”

“How did you get started in running?”

“How do you manage your classroom so well?”

They are telling you what they want to learn about.

Talk to people—many people

Yes, get on the phone and talk to people. It wasn't until I talked to over 40 women that I was able to nail down my ideal client and target market. I listened, I questioned, and I took notes like a crazy woman! They will tell you what they need.

Action brings clarity—even if it’s imperfect action

Think about a time when you weren’t sure on a concept you teach but the minute you started teaching it, you started learning more about it. The same thing happens when you take action. 

What is ONE thing you promise to yourself that you will do within the next week that will bring you closer to figuring out your niche?

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