Imposter Syndrome: How to Deal With It


Do you ask yourself, “Who am I to be_____?” 

or “What if they find out?”

“I don't know enough about ______.” 

or “I don't think I'm qualified enough.” 

or “I'm not an expert.” 

If you were saying those things to yourself, you are likely suffering from imposter syndrome.

I have dealt with this a lot. That's why I want to talk to you about this.

I hear so many women saying this and unfortunately in my 6 years in business I have seen a lot of women quit their business because of this very reason —> imposter syndrome. Don’t let that be you!

How Do You Overcome Imposter Syndrome

  1. Change your thoughts. Flip the script. For example instead of saying, “What if they find out I don’t know a lot about xyz?” Flip it to→”No one knows everything about xyz. No one is an expert.”

  2. Ask yourself “Is this a belief or a reality?”

  3. Don’t worry about everything being perfect.

  4. Reframe your thoughts around failure: “If your idea of success it to avoid failure, you’ll never succeed.”  When a basketball player misses a basket are they no longer a basketball player?

  5. Visualize yourself with your version of success

  6. Stop scrolling social media

  7. Take the steps towards success: action creates clarity, action creates success. Sitting in your thoughts does not.

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