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Your 30 Day Course Creation Plan


Why create and sell online courses?

You can make them once and sell them again-- how great is that? Not only do you only make them once you can AUTOMATE selling courses! 
This is what it looks like: 
Someone sees your irresistible course offer --> they decide to purchase your course and enter payment info --> they automatically get an email confirmation and course access info --> you get money in the bank and serve them through your knowledge, expertise and passions
You can create your own business-- you call the shots.  You decide who to sell to, how to sell it, how often to sell it, how to price it.  It's all you! 
Use your teaching expertise--> You are an expert in teaching and other things (organization, losing postpartum weight, meal planning, baby sleep, helping families deal with a dyslexia diagnosis, managing behavior, how to take families photos, helping teachers in your area of expertise-to name a few). Pair your teaching expertise with your passion and create a course!  There's someone out there just waiting for your knowledge!

I have come up with a formula to create a course in 30 days without all the tech and overwhelm. 

1. Decide on your foundation: what type of course will you create? What will the structure look like?
2. Create an irresistible course offer. What problem is your course solving for your audience?
3. Create the course quickly--no need for perfection. 
4. Use simple course tools. Most of the things you can use are already in your back pocket!



The 30 Days to Create Your First Online Course Bootcamp

The 30 Day Course Creator's Bootcamp is for anyone with a small business who wants to create an online course quickly without all of the tech and overwhelm.



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