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How to Measure the Success of Your Students in Your Course

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Assessments are incredible tools that help us understand how much we've learned. They show us what we're good at and where we can improve. In this podcast, we'll learn why assessments are important for both students and course creators.

As the saying goes, "We can't measure what we don't test," and assessments offer a pathway to measure, monitor, and improve the learning journey.
  1. Assessments Help Students Learn: They make learning easier. When they take assessments, they can see what they know and what they need to work on. It's like checking the map to find the right path.

  2. Course Creators Learn Too: As a course creator, you can learn a lot through assessments. You can find out which subjects are not understood well and which ones they find tricky. This helps you teach better and make your course more effective.

  3. Helps Students Stay Focused and Accountable: Imagine knowing there's a test coming up; you pay more attention, right? Tests keep us focused and accountable. They help us stay on track and do the work.

  4. How Much Have We Learned? Assessments help course creators to figure out how much their students have learned. You can see their progress and change the way you teach to match their needs.

  5. Use assessments in Course Software: Some platforms like Kajabi (click here to get your 30 day free trial) make it easy for course creators to create fun assessments. These quizzes can even unlock new lessons.

  6. Other tools: If you don't have assessments in your course software, use other websites like or Google Forms.

  7. Questions to ask: Good questions help students think and learn better. You can ask questions like:

    • What's the most important thing you learned?
    • What do you still want to know more about?
    • What will you do next with what you've learned?

Remember we can’t measure what we don’t test. This data is crucial to the success of your students and your course.

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