How to Set the Goals You Can Achieve In Your Business

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Goal setting feels so "new yearsish"… and while this episode is coming to you months into the new year, I think now is a great time to talk about it!

Maybe you’re like me… you set one really big goal every single year. People told you to set a good goal, better goal, and best goal.

So I did. Year after year.

Most times I felt like it was a crazy number I was pulling out of thin air that barely made any sense. I knew it was the goal but I honestly couldn’t really see the finish line. I couldn’t see how to get there.

Until I learned more about setting quarterly goals the right way. 

Now I know what you are likely thinking, “take my 2023 goal and divide it into 4 for the four quarters of the year”. 

I wanted to share with you a better way. This way will be more attainable and help you to feel accomplishments all along the way.

You might want to grab a pen and paper.

1. First we want to start with a goal you have for the next 12 months.

So let’s look at 12 months from where you are right now. Where do you hope to be realistically? 

So let’s set a goal that is just above what you believe is possible for you in the next 12 months. For easy math lets take this example: $100,000 USD

What is that number?

Now increase that goal just a little bit until it feels beyond your reach of your present day self. This number should be where your brain starts to think, “How is that possible?” For ex: $150,000 USD

Ok now instead of dividing by 4, we are going to do this differently because there is something about picking up momentum.

Success loves speed BUT we need to be realistic so when we hit the first goal we are feeling like we are ready to hit the next and the next.

Write down your 12 month date from now-from when you are listening to this.

Now we are going to look at those 12 months by quarters (3 months each). 

2. For Quarter 1: Divide your yearly goal by 10. Write down that number. That is your first goal.

(ie. $15,000) 

3. For Quarter 2: Take your Q1 goal and multiply it by 2. That is your second quarter goal. So this number should be double your Q1 goal.

(ie. $30,000)

4. For Quarter 3: Add Q1 and Q2 together. That is your Q3 goal. 

Do you see how the numbers are starting to climb? (ie. $45,000)

5. For Quarter 4: Add Q1 and Q3 together. That should be the highest number out of all three.

(ie. $60,000)

Now when you look at those numbers, do you see how Q1 is attainable? 

Once you tackle that first milestone, pick up the momentum, and get ready for the next and the next!

The secret is to have an outcome focused goal (ie. to enroll 10 new students)

This can also help you with your pricing!

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