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How to Make Sure Your Students Get Results in Your Online Courses


What if they don’t get results?

What if they don’t buy?

What if they don’t like my course? 

What if I have too much? What if I have too little? 

What if… these are the questions most new course creators ask when they are deciding to create a course. It can be intimidating to think about creating something that gets people results based on your expertise. 

There are 7 things you must think about when creating your course:

  1. You must consider their prior knowledge– what do they already know? 
  2. You need to give examples and samples
  3. Adults want to know how the information is useful to them and why
  4. Use short videos and get to the point–no fluff!
  5. You need to explain why something is important
  6. Help them to gain the knowledge, comprehend the knowledge, AND apply it
  7. They need to know what problem you are solving for each thing you teach


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