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The Key Strategy to Creating a Course Your Students Finish


It makes sense that course creators are afraid to create an entire course and have no one actually finish it. It’s a lot of work AND you want people to get results!

There are many strategies to help your students get results and keep them focused, but in this episode I want to share one with you. I recommend having some sort of map for your students to go through. 

 If you have ever taken a college or graduate course in the US most instructors will present you with a syllabus. A course map is much like a syllabus.

When someone has a roadmap it helps them to feel less anxious about where they are going and how to get there. It’s almost like a GPS. 

This map should be some sort of visual showing people the steps they will be taking to get results in your course. You don’t need to show them every single step they will take, but you will want to give them directions.

Listen in to this episode to learn how you can create a course map for your students and ensure your students actually finish your course!


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