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How to Create an Irresistible Course Offer




Many people make the mistake thinking what makes their course irresistible is the length, name, or even the price. 

But that isn’t always true.

In this episode we are talking about the 3 things that make your online course an irresistible offer. 

1. The structure of your course:

How will students get support in your course? How do they know you will be able to help them be successful and get the results they are looking for?

2. The content:

How are you presenting the content to them? Are you presenting it in a way that will get them results?

3. User experience:

This matters more than most people know. People want to be able to access your course easily and go through it easily. 

Listen in to the full episode on the podcast to learn the secrets to creating irresistible course offers.


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