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What Kind of Software Should You Use to Create an Online Course?


There are many different pieces of software that you can use for your online course and more are being added online by the month! I get asked ALL the time what software is best to use for creating and selling an online course. BUT the thing is, it is not the most important. 

Most new course creators allow the distraction and resistance to take over and software hop. They hop from software to software thinking it is the thing that will make them successful as a course creator. 

The truth is, the only thing software hopping is doing is tricking you into thinking you are actually doing the work. Instead you are wasting your time. 

You definitely need to have good software to have a successful online course business, but it's not magical!


So what do you really need for software? 

  1. Email list building- Kajabi or Convertkit
  2. Course Hosting- Kajabi
  3. Graphics- Canva

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