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Weekly Routines of a Course Creator


There are many marketers out there that will tell you they created an online course once and make money in their sleep. While some of that can be true, they fail to leave out what you need to do as a course creator to keep the momentum going. If you aren’t making improvements to your course and prioritizing your student engagement, it’s not scalable OR sustainable. In this episode I’m sharing the weekly routines course creators need in order to get consistent results for their students, testimonials, and sales.


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About Kristin Maahs

In the past 8+ years Kristin has transformed from a teacher to an online course creator. With over 1700 course sales, she has used her 10 years of teaching experience and Masters in Education to specialize in helping business owners to transform their online courses into being so effective that their students become their biggest marketing asset. Kristin's frameworks help to transform burnt out coaches, content creators, and online service providers into effective online course creators so they can can pull back some time and actually get the level of freedom they started their business for in the first place. Transform your online course into a course that actually gets your students’ results–which will showcase you as the expert you are, bring in more student testimonials, more referrals, and ultimately more sales.