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Using the FACT Method to Find More Leads for Your Online Course with Jeff Wenberg



Jeff has been deep in the marketing world for the last 13 years working with some of the biggest names and companies in the digital marketing space.

He started his official marketing career as team member #11 on the Leadpages team and helped grow the company to 45,000 paying customers as Head Product Educator. During that time they grew their audience to hundreds of thousands, and generated multiple millions in ARR and also secured $35M in venture capital. 

Jeff has seen and done it all. From ads, to creating and editing content (written & video), to copywriting, funnel building optimization and automation, all the way down to post-purchase marketing, and retention. He is a full stack marketer with years of in the trenches experience growing qualified audiences and revenue.

Listen in to this episode as Jeff shares about his FACT method for getting high quality leads for your online course.




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