How to Make Sure You Have the Right Students in Your Course


Have you ever purchased a course and realized you were not the right fit for the course?  That could be because they are selling the wrong problem to the wrong person. We don't want that to happen to you! Listen in to this episode to make sure you are solving the right problem for the right person. 

This will help your online course students to get more results so you can get more testimonials and more sales!

Key topics in this episode:

1. It is crucial to solve a specific problem for a specific person in order to be seen as an expert in your course niche.

2. Failing to define your target audience and the problem you solve can result in students not achieving desired results.

3. A broad tagline or description, such as "helping moms find joy again," does not address a specific problem or target a specific audience.

4. Confidence in owning a specific corner of your niche is necessary to attract the right people and deliver tailored content.

5. The size of your audience and email list can determine the level of specificity you should have in your niche.

6. Qualifying your audience and helping them recognize if they are the right fit for your course leads to better results and course engagement.

7. While starting with a narrow niche is recommended, it is also important to evolve and adapt as your business and clients change.


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