fast track your course building (& selling) by narrowing down your validated and profitable course idea. 

Most online entrepreneurs start in entrepreneurship by selling products, coaching packages or services---but there's a huge problem...

they are trading their time for money.


they keep hustling to find their next client-taking more time away from their family-and are starting to wonder how they will ever be able to scale their business.

On the outside between their daily Facebook and Instagram stories their business 'looks' successful, BUT on the inside it's a different story...

they are burning out at a rapid rate and are tired of being weighed down with clients.

Or worse--they are starting to realize their business doesn't match their long-term vision.

Many will eventually throw in the towel and give up.

Fortunately for you I've found a better way...


The Course Creator's Toolkit


In the toolkit I'll show you how to decide on a profitable course idea, teach you how to validate it--making sure it is something your audience is waiting for, AND my secret strategy to including everything in your course so you can find paying clients!

When you purchase my Course Creator Toolkit for ($297 $37), You’ll receive:

  • The best strategies to come up with your winning course topic. You know--that one that everyone will buy without hesitation!

  • The 6 key questions to ask yourself to find what kind of course is best for you-- for your strengths, expertise, lifestyle, and vision.

  • A handy little checklist that will give you all the places to look online to refine and validate your course idea. At the end, you’ll know if it is something people are actually looking for!

  • A checklist that will help you to determine what course type is best for you and your business right now! There are many different online course types that you can create.

  • My template and top strategy to plan out your perfect course every time. At the end you’ll have a perfectly designed course outline so you can start creating the materials for your course!

  • Access to the secrets to creating your course quickly--so you can put it in the marketplace and have paying students quickly.

All of this for only $37






This is a list of over 50 profitable course topics.  In this list you will find course topics that my mentors, business friends, clients, and I have been successful with.



In this bonus I share with you how to use an online tool to survey your audience.  This is one of the best strategies to find people that want to pay you for your course!



In this bonus you'll learn the 6 tools you need to get started creating your online course.


How would it feel to pop open your email after spending the day with your family and see an inbox full of people who paid you for your course at the amount you chose?

AND they are thanking you for your knowledge and wisdom.


I'm Kristin, former teacher, mom of 3, and small town girl from Wisconsin (with really big dreams). After trying many different ideas (blogging, selling skincare, coaching, teaching English to foreign children, etc.) I almost gave up on having a profitable online business.

Until one day I enrolled in an online course. The course creator was teaching all about marketing.  The course was great, but what I really wanted to do was what he was doing... creating and selling online courses.

I started to study the online course industry and how it would help me to be able to teach something I’m passionate about, use my teaching strategies, and still be able to live a life of freedom.  I hired high level business coaches and took many online courses.  

I was a good student. I implemented what I had learned, had a huge breakthrough and 2Xed my income.

At first I thought it was luck but after selling over 300 courses I guess you can say I cracked the code.

The Course Creator's Toolkit


Fast track your course building (& selling) by narrowing down your validated and profitable course idea

For only $37!

Yes! I’m Ready For My Toolkit!

Before working with Kristin, I was kind of stuck with where I wanted to go with my blog and with the direction I wanted it to go.  I knew I wanted to reach a broader audience, but I wasn't quite sure how to do that.I wanted to be able to do more to help people home school their children, but at the time I found her webinars I was still in the dark of how that could be done.

- Meggen, Mama Bear School

Before I started working with Kristin, I didn’t know how to go about creating an online course, or even what I could create a course about. I wasn’t confident in my abilities. Kristin laid everything out and divided the process into bite size pieces with actionable steps. I really enjoyed the group calls which kept me accountable. It’s obvious that Kristin cares about the people she works with. This program is for you if you don’t know where to start with creating a course or lack the confidence with knowing what direction to take. After going through the program I had course for parents to teach their kids writing skills. I would still be lost if I hadn’t worked with Kristin!

- Natalie, Berlin and the Bear

The Course Creator's Toolkit

Turn Your Expertise Into a Profitable Digital Course 
Finding Your Winning Course Topic 
Your Course Planner
You, the Online Course Creator Training 
Market Research Checklist
Choosing Your Course Type
Course Creation Produtivity
PLUS three bonuses!
 TOTAL VALUE = ($297)



Today's Price = $37

Yes! I’m Ready for my Toolkit!


Between my business and family I have a lot on my plate. How much time is required?

You will have lifetime access to the toolkit, but if you are really serious about creating and selling an online course, you can implement all of the strategies you'll learn in a week!

Do I need a certain degree or certification to create an online course?

You can teach anyone you are a half a step ahead of. You know those things people ask you about all the time? Now is your time to teach them! You are fully qualified!

I don’t have a course idea yet. Will this work for me?

That's EXACTLY why I designed this toolkit! People were often coming to me and saying they wanted to create and sell an online course, BUT they didn't have a course topic. So they would keep putting their dream on the back burner, but that's not going to happen to you! This toolkit is going to help you to nail down AND validate your course topic.

What if I don’t have an online business yet? Is this still for me?

While it is necessary to have a reason and motivation behind creating a profitable online business, you don't need to already have a business to create an online course. You have experiences and skills people are looking for. Your course idea can be your foundation to a successful business. This is where it all begins. This is the beginning to the life you have been dreaming of!

I am not a natural teacher but I really want to create an online course. Is this still for me?

Yes! There have been many people in my programs that are not teachers. I believe that anyone with the right resources and tools can have a successful online course business. All you really need is to be a step ahead of someone that you want to serve.

What if I am not good with technology? Sometimes it makes my head spin!

I used to say the same thing!  Since I started my business I have learned SO much.  Now some of my friends and family will ask ME how to do something online. Youtube and Google are great tools and when in doubt there are plenty of people out there who can help!

The online course industry is predicted to be a $325 billion dollar industry by 2025 and after the way 2020 turned out, it’s only going to keep on growing. Before you know it, someone else will have your course idea. 
And you know not everyone is able to teach as well as you. 


  • You are driven and motivated to create scalable and sustainable income online
  • You are ready for more--more income and more impact
  • You've tried other business models but haven't been able to create sustainable income
  • You're wondering what you're missing in the online business world
  • You want to create an online business to provide more freedom for you and your family 


  • You are not an action taker
  • You are skeptical of online businesses being successful
  • You are not authentically excited to change your life
  • You are looking to get rich over night
  • You are not looking to create more impact in the world
  • You'd rather just watch everyone else take action




I was once in your shoes and understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that isn’t the right fit.  I am very proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategies will be happy with their purchase. That’s why I’m offering a 14-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that you’ll become a millionaire, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the toolkit and the time and stress it will save you. Of course, If you’re not happy with the toolkit, I will refund your money within 14 days of your purchase.

This Special Price Won't Last For Long!

What is standing in the way of you finally being able to create that profitable online business you've been trying to create for months or maybe even years?
Maybe you're what I lovingly call Try-It-All Trina. You've tried all of the traditional ideas-- coaching, freelancing, direct sales, blogging, etc or maybe you're what I lovingly call Impossible Irene... you have a case of imposter syndrome---thinking you need a business degree, you don't believe you're smart enough, or have something people want to learn from you.
The thing is... you are burning out from trading your time.  What do you need to do to move into the successful online business owner role? How would life look differently if you could make another $1,000 or more a month?
When you click "Yes! I'm Ready For My Toolkit!" you'll be brought to a checkout page where you can enter your payment information. From there you will get immediate access to the toolkit!
This is the only place you will find the toolkit at this special priced offer of $37, and it will be going up soon.

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