Ten Steps to Starting a Profitable Online Business: A Guide for Teachers

 Everything you need to know about starting a profitable online service-based business & changing your life.

A Teachers Guide to Starting a Profitable Business

This PDF guide reveals everything you need to know about starting an online business as a teacher.

Whether your goal is to add more income to your family, be able to stay home with your kids, or change careers--whatever it is, I'm so grateful that you are starting to look into it.

I know this whole idea of owning your own business may sound crazy and maybe even a little bit impossible, but I promise you when you dive in and put the work into creating something for yourself and get to the other side, you will be blown away by your life.

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I'm here to tell you:


For so long, I was a stressed overwhelmed full time working mom who so desperately needed a change. After starting a business, taking many big leaps of faith, pouring my heart, sweat, and tears into learning how to ‘figure it all out’, I guess you could say I cracked the code…

I help women to build online businesses that change their life while being there for my 3 young kids every second I want to be. I spend my days how I want to--working from a coffee shop, at home in my yoga pants while the kids play, or taking the day off to spend with my kids. I get to choose.

Starting an online business saved my life, my marriage, and my heart and I'm going to show you how inside this guide.